Saturday seminars

loreta pi_seminaras Self-awareness workshop with Loreta Pivoriūnaitė “From dream to reality” – unleash your full potential!19th September, 10:00-11:30

Inspiration workshop „Make Your Dreams Come True“ is a safe place to discover your true potential via answering key questions to yourself – am I doing what I really want in my life, whether I am living up to my full potential?

All these questions will be answered playing fun and engaging coaching game “Points of You”, facilitated by certified trainer, JCI Lithuania member Loreta Pivoriūnaitė.

Not only you will find your real passion in life, but also after this workshop you will have an action plan what to do to make your dreams come true.

The Coaching Game „Points of You“ has become an international success and is a unique experience of inspiration, learning and development.

This Coaching Game has been defined as “a workshop in a box”, we have adopted this description because it contains the essence of the game; a creative tool that can easily integrate and adapt to any workshop theme, coaching, therapy or counseling session.

Loreta Pivoriūnaitė from Just a, is a training and personality development coach by heart, lawyer by education, writer and contributor by choice.

Focusing on personal enhancement, cross cultural communication and she care about people and cultures, peace and empowerment. Building and grooming teams and leaders, she connects people and inspires to take an extra mile.

The Culture of my consultancy: coaching games, reflections, insight workshops and special retreats.

And this is what she does: pause, learn and grow. Just being in the moment.

Including Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Bodo Shafer, JT Foxx, Alex Mendossian and key notes of Donald Trumph, Richard Brandson and Dalai Lama, Loreta has attended high profile training workshops, with being coached and trained of the world best class success, spiritual growth, self-confidence, financial freedom icons.

Loreta was a member and nominated outstanding people for the world awards – Ten Young Outstanding Persons of the World, as well served as jury member for the Nordic Business Report.

Loreta encourages everyone to make step forward for growth and change, and works closely with those who makes commitment, passion and will. It’s her belief that to leave legacy is possible within one year.

More about her ALL activities: or

Konstantin Abramov Konstantin Abramov seminar “Effective communication – breaking templates” 19th September, 10:30-12:30 (in Russian)

JCI Lithuania kindly invites you to our guest, JCI Russia President 2014, JCI Senator Konstantin Abramov seminar „Effective communication – breaking templates“ ( „Эффективная коммуникация – разрыв шаблонов“).

Lecturer is the candidate of psychological science, NLP master,  disciple and follower of FrankPucelik, member  of various psychological societies, jury member in competitions, university professor withEffective communication” course.

Plan of the seminar:

  1. Who, why and how are manipulating us?
  2. What game is it and what my part is in it?
  3. The keys of acceptance.
  4. Break the templates!