toyp_senamiestis 18th September, 16:00

Vilnius Municipality, Konstitucijos st. 3 (ID card/Pasport is required for permission to Vilnius Municipality)

This year JCI Lithuania nominated two candidates for TOYP worldwide awards:  


toyp_milda darguzaite MILDA DARGUŽAITĖ: nominated for achievements in the legal and public activities for the business principles of public administration, speeches on human rights, bullying, gender equality, and for active young professionals returning to Lithuania mentoring.
toyp_ilja laurs ILJA LAURS: nominated for achievements in business development and promoting entrepreneurship. This man is an example of successful global business, inspiring businessman, who created the business which competes with Apple, Microsoft, Google Products.


TOYP – The Ten Outstanding Young persons in the world – is organized by the young and active global corporate citizen Organization (JCI), assesses young people from 18-40 years  old. JCI member countries nominate candidates in ten categories:
Political, legal and / or state management;
Academic activities;
Cultural activities;
Environmental Leadership;
Children’s rights, human rights and / or fostering peace;
Public, voluntary activities;
Scientific and technological development activities;
Personal development;
Medical innovation, research.
The jury is composed of representatives of the United Nations declare their merits and the positive impact emitting citizens. For more information see here.