Visits to companies


VISIT “BIOTECHPHARMA” 19th September, 13:30 (duration 2 – 2,5 hours, in Lithuanian). Address: Mokslininku str. 4, Visoriai.

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Free transport to the company will be available. Meeting at 12:45, near entrance to inner yard of ISM university from Arklių street, Vilnius.

  • Presentation about the company (duration 45-60 min).
  • Excursion to the research and development laboratories and production center together with Professor Vladas Bumelis (duration 60-90 min) .
  • Coffee, tea, snacks.

Have you ever considered what kind of technologies manufacture the pharmaceuticals? How the scientists operate in laboratories? What is R&D in bio-pharmacy? How it is possible to research the effectiveness of its impact?

Guess what – during JCI Lithuania National Convention on Saturday afternoon we will visit high-tech company operating in bio-technologies and bio-pharmaceuticals industry Biotechpharma and will get all the answers!

This center provides complex biotechnology pharmaceutical services – from outsourcing scientific experiments to test medicines production for preclinical and clinical research. A wide range of services provides a significant advantage for both company and overall competitiveness of the Lithuanian biotechnology and biopharmaceutical fields. Currently, the company is developing projects with more than 15 different international pharmaceutical companies around the world.

Research center occupies 3 460 sq. meters, where medicinal products intended area – 2 000 sq. meters, research and development laboratories and other spaces – 1 460 sq. meters.

The company Biotechpharma, founded in 2004, owned by Northway “group.


VISIT “ROBOTICS ACADEMY” 19th September, 13:30 (in Lithuanian or English). Address: J. Jasinskio g. 16F.

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Meeting at 13:00, near entrance to inner yard of ISM university from Arklių street, Vilnius.

We invite you to participate in the presentation of Robotics Academy during which you will hear about the use of modern technology in our daily work, sales and marketing activities. One of the founders of “Robotics Academy” – Kristijonas Vasiliauskas, will show you how to navigate PowerPoint Presentation with your body, how to evaluate if your brains are ready to make proper solutions and how revolution of technology is changing our every day life. You will have a possibility to find out about robots at home and practically try your bio potential abilities in the endless virtual reality.

“Robotics Academy” is a public institution of non-formal education which provides lego robotics classes, summer camps, educational activities for children as well as family activities and business trainings. Academy is based on Lego Education and Lego Serious Play methods.

Kristijonas Vasiliauskas – young founder of “Robotics Academy”, programming instructor, lecturer. He organises modern projects, events and promotions, takes presentations at conferences, leads the trainings actively using cutting-edge technology solutions, which he will share during fun and interactive presentation.

ROBOT – is an artificial entity, independently performing and self-reactive to the environment. The basic Lego Mindstorms robot isn’t a science fiction, it’s just a box with a wheels and a few details. But properly programmed primitive artificial intelligence makes this box completely autonomous (and sometimes as a real person – unpredictably) behaved creature.

 GreenGarage VISIT “GREEN GARAGE”19th September, 15:00 (in Lithuanian or English). Address: Konstitucijos pr. 12.We invite you to experience  Green Garage . The visit will include:
  • Green Garage presentation.
  • Introduction to main equipment.
  • Electronics/laser cutter workshop.
  • Snacks and refreshment drinks.

Green Garage is a makerspace, electronics lab and a learning center. 3D printers and scanners, laser cutter, various CNC machines and newest computers is just a small part of the equipment which everyone can find in the makerspace located at the heart of Vilnius. It is the first professional makerspace in the Baltics. Green Garage is open to everyone with an interest in technology and innovation. If you have some cool ideas and want to bring them to reality – you found the right place.